What is a normal blood pressure reading ?

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Various blood pressure monitors will give you the same blood pressure reading. It does not matter whether it is a wrist monitor, an ambulatory blood pressure monitor, or an old-fashioned inflatable ball and mercury bubble. A normal blood pressure reading will fall within a certain range, irrespective of which monitor is used.

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Normal Blood Pressure Reading

In order to make sense of a normal blood pressure reading, it is important that you understand how this pressure is built in your system. Your heart, through its four chambers, pumps blood through the major arteries to the rest of your body, though the circulatory system. Whenever the heart contracts, it creates what is known as the systolic blood pressure. This is the pressure that is indicated in the first readings on the monitor. When the heart relaxes the reading is called the diastolic blood pressure.

Normal blood pressure readings fall within a certain range. People, who are obese, have high cholesterol, or other ailment will have increased blood pressure and this can lead to hypertension. People who have suffered a lot of blood loss, or are ill, may also have extremely low blood pressure. Low blood pressure can cause death due to shock.

Normal Blood Pressure Range

A normal blood pressure reading is that of 120/80 mm Hg. At this pressure, your heart should beat at about 120 beats per minute. Therefore if you find someone with a blood pressure reading of 124/84, then this is still considered to be normal. You will also find that a blood pressure reading of 124/78 to be normal. There will always be some variance. But the difference should not be too large.

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Blood Pressure in Children

Blood pressure readings in children are usually lower than those for adults. A child between the ages of 3 to 6 should have blood pressure readings of about 116/76. A teenager will show a normal blood pressure reading of about 136/86. Children between these ages will have normal blood pressure readings that fall somewhere in between.

Even if the normal blood pressure readings are lower in children than in adults, it does not mean that they are not at risk of developing high blood pressure. This means that they should start watching their diets properly to alleviate this problem. Children who are obese suffer a high probability that they will develop high blood pressure. Children with in-born medical conditions should also have their blood pressure watched regularly, especially if they are taking long-term medication.

In summary, it is important that you monitor the normal blood pressure readings regularly irrespective of your age. This silent killer does not affect people of old age only. Even young people are at risk, especially if they are living sedentary lifestyles. You should be aware that anger, stress, illness, and bad lifestyles may lead to high blood pressure. When in doubt, or if you feel like you are developing slight symptoms of high blood pressure, you should seek immediate medical advice so you can arrest the conditions before it becomes a major concern.

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