Symptoms of High Blood Pressure in Women

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Most women try their level best to maintain a normal blood pressure for most of their lives, but they invariably fall prey to this condition as they age. Most men will suffer from high blood pressure when they are in their early adulthood, but women tend to develop this condition when they are in their menopausal years.

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High blood pressure is a condition which occurs when the pressure of the blood is very high within the arteries. This is a condition that is known as hypertension, and women who have this condition are at a higher risk of developing strokes, kidney disease, and heart disease. A healthy woman should have a blood pressure of 120/80. A woman will exhibit pre-hypertension symptoms if the blood pressure is between 120-139/80-89. At this point the woman should watch her lifestyle and diet, lest she develops full hypertension.

High blood pressure is names the silent killer because one does not develop any symptoms till it is too late. The symptoms of high blood pressure are very subtle, and you may not even notice that you have the condition. This is the reason why doctors are asking women to have their blood pressure checked regularly. This is of significance if the woman is pregnant. Pregnant women tend to develop high blood pressure, which would lead to complications during childbirth. High blood pressure is very dangerous for both the mother and the baby. If a woman has consistent high blood pressure during pregnancy, a fatal condition called preeclampsia should be suspected.

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Some of the subtle signs that indicate that a woman may be having high blood pressure include:

  • Shortness of breath – even while still at rest, and sometimes during mild exercise
  • Acute fatigue- even when you have not done any strenuous work
  • Abdominal bloating- a condition that people confuse with flatulence
  • Acid reflux-the feeling of getting heartburn
  • Irregular heartbeat- normally known as palpitations

When a woman displays the above symptoms she should see a doctor who will judge her family medical history before any medicine is prescribed. Medications that are prescribed for this condition have some side effects but it would be a good idea to follow through on the treatment. Even after the symptoms disappear, you are supposed to continue taking the medication to avoid the condition from recurring again. Remember that the absence of symptoms does not mean that you are not susceptible, for this disease is known to be very silent in its workings.

The symptoms of high blood pressure in women will vary from one lady to the next. Other factors will come into play, including the general health of the individual. The type of food that the woman eats, and her body weight, will also determine the extent to which this condition will affect her health. Even if treatment for the condition is available, prevention is usually the best option. Try to eat less sugar, salt and fats. You should also exercise regularly. When you maintain a normal blood pressure, then you will enjoy a much happier lifestyle.

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