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Treatment of hypertension can be performed using different methods and techniques and although the mode of treatments may vary from one person to another, there are certain common aspects which should be observed. Exercise is good in managing blood pressure. Weight loss is also essential well treating and managing hypertension. In addition, medication is applied if the alternative therapies are not yielding good results.

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Depending on the severity and form of high blood pressure, you can discuss the form of therapies and medications to use in your treatment. Natural remedies have been noted to play a major in managing hypertension. One beneficial aspect about these remedies is that they do not cause adverse side effects to the patients as witnessed with medications like vasodilators and diuretics.

If a patient responses positively in treating hypertension when they use natural remedies, then they should use them instead of the medicines. However, some forms of hypertensions especially those that have persisted for long may require medical treatment in order to bring down the pressure levels.

The best way in using natural remedies and medication therapies is to work closely with your doctor. When elevated blood pressure is left untreated, this can cause damage to organs in the body and this increases the risk of suffering from other conditions like stroke, heart attack, kidney diseases, and brain hemorrhage as well as vision loss.

Garlic is one of the items, which have shown a good response in treating hypertension. The use of garlic however requires advice from a doctor.  Although this food item can help in reducing systolic blood pressure and diastolic pressure, it may be more effective in patients with mild elevated blood pressure.

The reason why garlic should be used under close supervision of a qualified practitioner is because it contributes to thinning blood. It has anti-thrombosis properties meaning that it can reduce blood clotting. Garlic can react with many drugs such as warfarin and pentaxifylline, gingko, aspirin and vitamin E.

With help of a doctor, you can be advised on when to use garlic especially if you are on other blood pressure medications. Fish oil studies have suggested that they may have a modest effect when treating high blood pressure. The docohexaenoic acid- DHA found in fish oil has shown some positive results in lowering high blood pressure.

Another natural ingredient is folic acid. In vitamin B, folate is essential in the synthesis of red blood cells. Folate can help in reducing elevated homocysteine levels thus bringing down increased blood pressure.  Coenzyme Q10 is another natural ingredient, which reduces elevated blood pressure.

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Patients suffering from hypertension have shown good response in managing their high blood pressure and bringing it to low levels. In a study that was conducted by University of Western Australia, it showed that CoQ10 has effects on the patient’s blood pressure and glycemic control in patients suffering from diabetes type II.

CoQ10 reduces systolic and diastolic pressure significantly. Patients who took part in the study showed a reduction of about 6.1 mmHg and 2.9 mmHg respectively in both systolic and diastolic pressure. Hawthorn is another herb, which is used in treatment of high blood pressure.

Vitamin C is also a useful ingredient, which can help in managing high blood pressure. Vitamin C has essential antioxidant properties and helps in preventing low density lipoprotein- LDL from oxidation and hardening into plaques, which narrow the blood vessels. Blood pressure can occur when there is hardening of arteries.

Hardening causes vessels to lose their elasticity properties and therefore, they are not able to constrict and expand optimally to allow smooth flow of blood. This means that more pressure is exerted on the arterial walls. When using herbs, it is essential that you consult a naturopathic physician to examine if you are fit to use them.

Herbs are good ingredients for countering the effects of hypertension and therefore can help bring down elevated blood pressure. Magnesium can also help in relaxing muscles and arteries as well as soothing the muscles that surround the arteries. This helps in dilation of the arteries which brings down blood pressure.

Many people are deficient in magnesium and it is recommended that they increase the intake. Taking about 300-500 mg of magnesium daily can help in managing high blood pressure. However, in order to avoid effects of magnesium, a patient may spread the doses. Food rich in magnesium such as green veggies should also be taken in plenty.

In essence, there are many natural remedies, which can be applied in treating and preventing hypertension. It is always important to liaise with your doctor in order to develop a good natural remedy plan.

At times, a number of therapies may be applied concurrently or alternating. In addition to the natural remedies, a patient should also take part in exercise, reduce the intake of sodium and also stop using tobacco. A patient should also avert any stress inducing situations as this can also lead to elevated blood pressure. Alcohol consumption should be minimized.

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