How to Prevent High Blood Pressure

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When blood arterial vessels experience persistent elevated blood pressure, such condition can lead to a higher risk of suffering from atherosclerosis, heat attack, or stroke. Other conditions which can manifest as a result of increased blood pressure are kidney failure, congenital heart disease and blindness. There are different types of hypertension and these ranges from essential or primary hypertension through secondary high pressure to isolated systolic hypertension.

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There are different ways in which people can prevent elevated blood pressure and these are such as exercising the body, taking healthy diet, reducing the intake of sodium and managing weight or reducing excessive weight. A blood pressure of more than 140/90 mmHg is considered hypertensive situation and therefore patients need to take measures, which can bring down the pressure.

Although there are medication which can be taken to reduce the pressure such as vasodilators, on the other hand, it is required that lifestyle change be adopted as a complimentary measure to help in recuperating from the condition. For people who have not acquired the condition, it is essential that they begin by changing their lifestyle so that they can prevent the condition.

When you are diagnosed with elevated blood pressure, it is important that you work together with your healthcare provider in order to devise a plan that helps fight the condition. One of the essential things you need to do is to monitor your pressure between doctor’s visits while you are at home.

Sometimes, visits to the clinic can induce elevated blood pressure such as the white coat hypertension, which can give a false implication about the reality of your health and blood pressure. When you are overweight or obese, this increases the risk of developing hypertension. Blood pressure increases as your body mass increases.

By losing 10 pounds, this can see a substantial reduction in blood pressure. Your waist circumference and body mass index- BMI are two factors that help determine your weight. It is important that you find your target weight. If your body mass index lies between 18.5 and 24.5, then this is considered normal health. A body mass index above 25 needs to be reduced to the normal range.

There are various ways in which you can manage your body weight and one is by taking diet that is low-calorie. Physical exercise is another important thing. It does not take a lot of force for you to be physically active. Simple things like stair walking, wheeling yourself in a wheelchair, gardening, washing windows and pushing a stroller are some basic but very essential things that can keep your body physically active.

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You can also take sporting activities such as walking a few miles, bicycle cycling, playing volleyball, performing aerobics, and dancing among other relatively medium strenuous exercises. You however need to check on the intensity of the exercises to ensure that they go along with your weight management as well as blood pressure reduction goals.  Anulom Vilom is a Yoga exercise that has proven productive in lowering high blood pressure and preventing prehypertension to go up to hypertensive state.

If you have a risk of heart disease, then you may need to consult your doctor before you take up the mid level exercises for managing your blood pressure. It is said that what you eat affects your chances of getting high blood pressure. Taking healthy food reduces the chances of getting high blood pressure and also helps bring down the pressure in people who already have developed it.

It is of paramount importance to adopt diet plans such as the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension – DASH.  Your blood pressure can be sustained at normal ranges by eating food that is low in cholesterol, total fats and saturated fats. The diet should also be high in vegetables and fruits.

In addition, your diet should have less of diary fat. The DASH eating plan has more of fruits, vegetables and grains.  Another way in which you can prevent high blood pressure is taking more of spices and less of sodium. It is recommended to consume not more than 2.4 grams of sodium per day.

Sodium contributes to retention of fluid in the body which in turn increases blood volume and this results to increased pressure on the arterial walls. Patients need to use herbs spices and salt-free seasoning blends when cooking their food. If you have persistent high blood pressure, these alternative methods of preventing and reducing the pressure may not work for you. This means that besides taking up the said healthy diet and exercise, you may be prescribed medications, which help in bringing down the elevated blood pressure.

Different medications will work in different ways. Diuretics are common medications used in bringing down the elevated pressure. These medications are also known as water pills. They work on the kidney and help in flushing out excess sodium and water, which lead to increased blood volume. Beta blockers work on the heart’s pulse impulses. They reduce nerve impulses to the heart and the blood vessels, which in turn makes the heart beat less often and with less force. Other medications are vasodilators and calcium channel blockers.

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