Dash Diet Meal Plan

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In managing hypertensive condition, there are a number of things, which need to be observed. The aspect of elevated blood pressure requires a multifaceted approach, which may entail medication, healthy eating and exercising. Even people who are under medication, they are required to stick to healthy diet in order to help the medications perform better. The kind of food you take will determine the way in which you prevent or manage a hypertensive condition.

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For an overall eating plan, it is recommended that you switch to DASH diet, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The food you take should be low in cholesterol, saturated fats and total fats. It should also be high in fruits and vegetables. A lowfat diary food is also recommended.

DASH eating plan includes whole grains, poultry, nuts and fish and low amounts of fats, red meat, sweets and sugared beverages. The diet is also high in potassium, calcium, magnesium, proteins and fiber. If you are aiming at losing weight, you may need to take a diet that is low in calorie.

Switching from your normal diet to the DASH diet may cause some challenges. A person is likely to experience bloating and diarrhea and this is because of the high fiber content on the food items. It is essential that you keep a record of the food you take.

Below chart offers a simple DASH diet that is based on a dietary plan of about 2000 calories or less per day.

Food Group Serving per day Serving size/portion
Grain products 5-8 A slice of brown bread, a cup of cereal and ½ cup of rice or pasta.
Fruits and fresh juice 3-4 1 medium fruit, ¼ cup dried fruit, ½ cup fresh or frozen fruit and 5-6 ounce fresh fruit juice.
Green vegetables 3-4 A cup of raw leafy vegetables, ½ cup of cooked vegetables and 5-6 ounces of vegetable juice.
Fat-free or lowfat diary 1-2 8 ounces of fresh milk, a cup of yogurt and an ounce of cheese.
Fats and oils 1-2 A teaspoon vegetable oil, 2 teaspoons salad dressing, a teaspoon soft margarine and a teaspoon lowfat mayonnaise.
Fish, poultry and lean meat 1-2 2-3 ounces of cooked poultry, fish or lean meat
Dry beans, nuts and seeds 4 servings per week ½ cup cooked beans, 1 ounce nuts and 1 teaspoon seeds
Sugared beverages and sweets 4 serving per week 1 tablespoon sugar, 8 ouches lemonade and 1 tablespoon jam or jelly.

From this simple DASH meal plan, it is evident that a person should have more of vegetables, fruits and whole grain food and less of fat. The diet also depicts that a person should have less of proteins. When switching to the DASH diet plan, a person should do it gradually by increasing the serving of vegetables and fruits over lunch and dinner. The servings should also be spread over and also may have two serving of fruits or vegetables in each meal.

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It is important to understand that a DASH diet plan may not serve the purpose of weight lose. If you are obese or overweight, you will need a diet that is extremely low in calorie. What this means is that the plan that you adopt in managing high blood pressure will depend on many factors. If your elevated blood pressure is arising from causes such as increased weight gain, then the meal plan should have low calories.

In essence, if you would like to manage a high blood pressure condition, you need to take food that is low in fat and take small serving as you cut back gradually. Low fat or fat free dairy products reduces total fat intake. A person should limit food that has added sugar such as flavored yogurt, ice cream, regular carbonated drinks, and sherbet.

Whereas diet plan is important in managing high blood pressure condition, on the other hand, a patient should also incorporate other aspects such as reducing salt intake. Sodium is a major cause of elevated blood pressure as it contributes to increased fluid retention in the body creating pressure on arterial walls. Moreover, a person should also indulge in exercise.

Physical activities such as climbing stairs, gardening, wheeling oneself in a wheelchair and also walking are some of the exercises that can keep the body health. The main aim in hypertension management is to improve blood circulation by reducing the pressure, which is exerted on the vessel walls by the blood.

Other lifestyle changes which can produce good results are such as weight loss by taking low calorie food and indulging in moderate to strenuous exercise. When switching to a modern and strenuous exercise plan, you should also liaise with your doctor and get examined of your fitness and body wellness for the workouts.

Moreover, you may also need to consult physical fitness trainers to draw up the best workout plans for your blood pressure management. You may need to adjust your diet from the DASH to a diet blended with fitness and DASH-aimed diet results.

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