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The different kind of lifestyles that we lead means that people have different levels of health and fitness all over the world. However, many people suffer from hypertension without ever being aware of it. It is important that you monitor your blood pressure on a regular basis. Today, you do not have to take a long walk, or drive, to the doctor’s office in order to achieve this goal. There are a number of simple and inexpensive monitors that you can buy from the chemist, and use to monitor your blood pressure while you are at home. However, although it is easy to use these devices, you should know how to interpret the results, using the blood pressure reading chart.

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As mentioned above, learning how to check your own blood pressure is one way that you can ensure that you are living a healthy lifestyle. You have to learn how to interpret the numbers that you get on the blood pressure monitoring device. Getting to know how to read the results will allow you to know whether you run the risk of contracting heart disease. High blood pressure is called the “silent killer” since you may be having it and you will not exhibit any symptoms till it is too late. You should therefore monitor yourself regularly and know whether your blood pressure is normal, and if it is not, then you will be able to adjust your lifestyle to reduce the pressure.

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The blood pressure reading chart will give you two different numbers. The first, which is called the systolic pressure, is the pressure brought about whenever the heart pumps blood. The second is called the diastolic pressure, and it is the pressure of the blood when the heart is in its relaxed state. The blood pressure reading chart is usually divided into four different settings. These begin at the normal state, and continuously rise until they reach the stage-2 or high blood pressure setting. Some charts will show readings of both hypotesive, and hypertensive readings too. Below are some of the readings that you can expect.

For a normal blood pressure reading, the monitoring device should give you readings that show a systolic blood pressure of below 120mm Hg, and a diastolic blood pressure of below 80mm Hg. If your readings fall within this range, then you should continue with the lifestyle that you are leading.

The next stage is the pre-hypertensive blood pressure reading, whereby the results will show a systolic blood pressure reading of between 140-159mm Hg, and a diastolic blood pressure reading of between 90-99mm Hg. If your readings fall within this range, then it is advisable that you add some exercise into your daily routine, and also take less salts in the food that you eat. You should also stop smoking and drink less alcohol.

The next stage is the stage 2 hypertensive state, in which the monitoring device gives a systolic blood pressure reading of above 160mm Hg, and a diastolic blood pressure reading of above 100mm Hg. If you get this kind of reading, then you should seek proper medical attention. You should also be careful about the activities that you take part in, and maintain a carefully monitored diet. You should also try to avoid all forms of stress as much as possible.

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