Blood Pressure Chart by Age

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Research has show that blood pressure increases, as an individual ages, but the rate at which this increase occurs will differ depending on the stage of aging. A good illustration is that of a baby, whose blood pressure tends to be very low. As the baby grows into childhood and adolescence, the blood pressure increases rapidly. Thereafter the rate of increase should be gradual, into the adult years.

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Different studies have been conducted to look into blood pressure differences across different races, and at different ages. All the results show that between the ages of 20 to 45, the blood pressure, in both men and women, tends to rise very slowly. Beyond the age of 45, the rate of increase in blood pressure is even slower. However, as an individual approaches the age of 70, the blood pressure begins to increase at a fast rate once again.

However, not many people believe that there is a steady increase in blood pressure during the adult years. They claim that these figures should be deemed as average figures, because most of the monitoring is performed on people who have gone to hospital due to an illness, a fact which results in increased blood pressure. But researchers say that although illnesses affect blood pressure, the most significant determinant of blood pressure is the lifestyle and diet that people maintain.

Today, most people do not invest in making healthy foods, and this sedentary lifestyle consists of several fast food meals, which are very high in salts and fats. Similarly, the levels of stress in society have increased sharply over the last few years. The result of this type of lifestyle is that people today are more likely to fall ill and contract some form of blood vessel disease, which will later lead to a sharp increase in their blood pressure.

Therefore, one must think of ways in which to maintain normal blood pressure levels with age. The first thing that you should do is to be careful with your diet. You should ensure that you are eating a balanced diet, with a low intake of saturated fats and salts. You should reduce the amount of fast foods that you eat and return to the traditional habit of cooking and grilling your food at home. You should also try to steam and poach your food as opposed to frying it. Ensure that you add plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

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The second thing that you have to do is include a lot of exercise in your daily routine. This does not mean joining a gym and spending hours on the treadmill. All you have to do is adopt some exercise regime that will increase your heart rate and keep your body working. If you do not like strenuous exercise, then you just need to identify an activity that you enjoy and this will be enough. If you love playing with your dog, you can take it for walks to the park, and play some Frisbee games with it. This will do you a lot of good, and it will also be great for your dog.

Blood Pressure Normal Range by Age

  • Age 15-19 – 120/81 mm/Hg
  • Age 20-24 – 132/83 mm/Hg
  • Age 25-29 – 133/84 mm/Hg
  • Age 30-34 – 134/85 mm/Hg
  • Age 35-39 – 135/86 mm/Hg
  • Age 40-44 – 137/87 mm/Hg
  • Age 45-49 – 139/88 mm/Hg
  • Age 50-54 – 142/89 mm/Hg
  • Age 55-59 – 144/90 mm/Hg
  • Age 60-64 – 147/91 mm/Hg

Blood Pressure  Chart by Age

Group  Age     Systolic BP     Diastolic BP

Kids    3-6 years          116      76

Kids    7-10 years        122      78

Kids    11-13 years      126      82

Teens   14-16 years      136      86

Teens   17-19 years      120      85

Adults 20-24 years      120      79

Adults 25-29 years      121      80

Adults 30-34 years      122      81

Adults 35-39 years      123      82

Adults 40-44 years      125      83

Adults 45-49 years      127      84

Adults 50-54 years      129      85

Adults 55-59 years      131      86

Adults 60 years +        134      87

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